Great design starts with understanding your problems first. As a creative artist and a problem solver, I provide targeted design solutions, visual systems, design strategy, and memorable experiences. I am the creative resource, functioning as a seamless extension of your business.


I love what I do…

I am a visual problem solver and a professional image-maker. I believe in hard work, relationships, and a hands-on approach! Research, effective strategy and collaboration with my clients allow us to get into the essence of the problem and the business' core values. Each client is treated with a deeply personalized approach, and during our collaboration, we develop unique, creative and targeted visual solutions.

True grit…

It's that first impression — the packaging, the mark, and the product presentation — that sways your potential customers from disinterest to attraction. I transform your vision into form, the invisible into the visible, your dream into reality!

With over 20 years of management experience, art direction and creative production, I am able to take your communication needs from initial concept, through research and design process, to finished execution.

The pillars…

On occasions, I collaborate with amazing creatives and thinkers —writers, photographers, illustrators, programmers, printers, and fabricators— functioning as a seamless extension and creative resource for you and your brand. I specialize in designing and building visual identities and experiences. I easily adapt based on a project’s needs.

I start with the uninhibited mind of an artist, add expertise, and deliver with seasoned proficiency.

I pick up the phone, I listen, and I strive to become a seamless extension of your business, by building a trusting relationship based on mutual respect.


Creative Lead

Katia Caetano Lord, Creative Director

I am Katia, a graphic designer and educator by profession, and the creative lead behind DM Studio. I do what I love best by combining design theories, art mediums, typography, and research to develop unique, creative, and targeted solutions for my clients. I am a problem solver with a creative spirit. I listen to my heart and back up my solutions with solid research foundations that help my clients communicate with clarity and authenticity. I have 18+ years of experience designing and leading creative teams and projects. I begin and end each project from design direction and development, to print and management.

After several years of designing experience, I longed to share the knowledge I gathered over the years… After a few mentoring stints, and 3 years in an MFA program, I decided to start teaching. For me, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.

“I see, I explore, I think, I create, I design, I share, I teach, I learn, I sleep, I wake up, I do it all over again.”

For speaking engagements, workshops, or special collaborations send an email and say hello!