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About Us

Who We Are

In 2001, DM Studio was founded as a design boutique rather than a typical design agency. These were the founding principles of our company:

  1. to produce great design
  2. to provide strategic graphic design/marketing solutions to our clients
  3. to develop working partnerships with our clients
  4. to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations

To accomplish this, we developed a 4-stage approach to the design process—communication, collaboration, creation, completion—that creates the necessary flow between DMStudio and you to produce the best solution. Understanding what you need, how you think, and how the design will be used is incorporated into every aspect of the process to achieve the targeted solution.

Design grounded in research, strategy and communication gives you, the client, an advantage over your competition and develops a working relationship between us. We view your project from every angle, turn it inside out and upside down until the targeted solution is in sight. It is our intention to seek the point where the design is so targeted to your needs that there is nothing left to take away. It is not our intention to add to the design until there is nothing left to add.

What Our Philosophy Means For You

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, you will always receive our best. You will always be able to pick up the phone and speak with the designer of your project—no run-arounds. You will never experience upselling techniques. Our focus is always on your targeted solution, not on selling tactics. The bottom line: you are our first priority.

What We Do

DM Studio delivers quality print and web designs that define and enhance your brand through the use of superior design, in-depth research, and personalized customer services. We strive to become your design partner by building a relationship with you based on collaboration, friendliness, patience, and mutual respect—which in turn will produce even more targeted solutions as we work together to clarify the vision of your brand.